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It’s birdathon time!

May 11, 2022

Dear Friend,

We would be so grateful if you would make a charitable donation to support the Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory (BPBO) this year. I will be spending an entire day observing as many birds as possible to raise funds for BPBO through the Great Canadian Birdathon. This year, I hope to do my birdathon around BPBO’s migration monitoring station at Cabot Head where I will be volunteering for the migration monitoring program later in May. Click here to go directly to my support page.

Let me tell you about Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory. A few of us who loved the upper Bruce and especially the Cabot Head area, founded BPBO in 2001, establishing a research station on Ontario Park’s Cabot Head Nature Reserve to track the spring and fall migrations which we’ve done ever since.  As I described last year, BPBO is facing many logistical and financial challenges. Some things are getting fixed, and fortunately our dependable Station Scientist Stephane, is back again to run the migration monitoring program. As in the past two years, our ability to raise funds through the rental of our research station property between spring and fall has been compromised. We still need to increase our solar energy capacity to assure a reliable energy source. Birdathon has become a key source of funding. In 2021, thanks to your generosity, we raised over $5000, of which over $4000 went to BPBO. This is outstanding and gives us an ambitious target which we can achieve together.

Please donate to my Corvid 22 BPBO team if you are a BPBO supporter, if you just love birds or the Bruce, or if you know me, and how much this means to me. Again, I donated $100 myself. It would be amazing if you could match or surpass my donation and help BPBO survive and thrive.

Let me tell you a bit about the day. I will share a post about my birdathon here on my own blog I put a lot of energy into the birdathon, but it’s green energy. I’ll only be travelling by foot or bicycle. Typically I start around 4 am and go until it’s too dark to see. I plan to spend much of the morning at Cabot Head, then ride my bike perhaps as far as Crane lake. I hope to see hundreds of species, but will be lucky probably to observe 100.

Please give generously to my birdathon for BPBO this year.  Birds Canada will issue you a tax receipt for donations over $15. Use this link to get to the donation page:

I will provide live updates on my progress on my Facebook and Instagram pages and give the full account on my blog.

Thank you in advance!


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