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The first Warbler is back!

April 23, 2020

Yellow-rumped WarblerThe first Yellow-rumped Warblers showed up in the trees outside our Gatineau apartment yesterday. It was my wife who spotted it first from our kitchen window with a dramatic “What’s that bird?”  Despite moving to Canada 10 years ago from Brazil, and spending most of her life in the heart of Sao Paulo, one of the biggest cities on earth, she has learned most of the local birds quickly, so I knew from her tone that it was something special. The bold black, yellow and white markings, and especially that bright yellow rump are tell tale of this hearty warbler, usually the first of its family to arrive in south-eastern Canada in the spring. The warbler family comprises an amazingly colourful diversity of small, thin-billed insect-eating birds, most of which migrate from Canada to tropical regions of the Americas where they spend the non-breeding season. The Yellow-rumped Warbler is a bit of an exception, as its migration takes it only as far as the southern USA and Mexico for the winter.  It is one of few warblers that is able to sustain itself in the winter, in part, on Myrtle berries – captured in its previous “official” name, the Myrtle Warbler. Watch for it over the next weeks foraging amongst the flowers of trees and gleaning insects from conifers such as Spruce, Fir and Pine trees.


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  1. And I had the first pair of Goldfinches

  2. where are you? Our goldies are so chattery and squeaky since mid March. Every day there are a dozen or so at the feeders. Seem to be mostly males. Love them!

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