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Catching up on Al

April 2, 2012

Six days into March, Al sent me message.   At Al’s Outdoor Education Centre, March is Maple Syrup month, so he spends a lot of time outside setting up and taking down equipment for this.  It is a good time to be outside lots of birds are on the move, including some big waterfowl.  Here is Al’s story:

“While standing by the sugar shack with Sean and Peter on Thurs(?) of last week, I interrupted Sean telling story as I pointed out a RWBB, and then again when I heard Tundra Swans flying over!  I ran out to the field to try to catch a glimpse and we counted 40 as they ducked in and out of the whispy clouds that dotted and otherwise blue sky.  Their white bodies were beautiful against the blue background.  We again began chatting and 3 Common Grackles Flew over.  And while watching the grackles, a group of 3 geese flew nearby, composed of 2 Canada’s and 1 SNOW GOOSE!!  Snow Goose is a new species for the property in general and was the 4th new species of 2012 in a span of 10 mins!  The day continued to be great, with Killdeer calling in the afternoon, and 3 Snow Bunting”s called repeatedly as they flew over me as I headed up to the top end of the sugar bush!  And as if there were not enough, a Cooper’s Hawk flew over me as I headed to the building to get something to eat…
What a day March 2nd turned out to be!!  SEVEN new species for 2012, and a new species for the PROPERTY, also!
Going into that day I had 30…  now…  37!”   –  Al

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